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  Why we train ???

      Do you own firearms? If so, do you carry a firearm?  What is your EDC and why? Do you carry a revolver or a semi-automatic? Extra magazines or speed loaders? What caliber do you carry and why? OWB, IWB, appendix? These are questions a lot of people never ponder or at least can't   answer unless they train. 




     Many well intentioned, freedom loving, men and women believe if they were raised around firearms and take a concealed carry course, they are adequately trained. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. In our home state of Ky, my wife, Susie and I have been KY CCDW Instructors for many years. We have seen numerous students come to our courses who had absolutely no experience with handguns, in a few cases had never even fired a handgun, yet upon completion of the 8-hour CCDW course they feel sufficiently trained to defend themselves and their loved ones with a handgun. Incredibly there are numerous instructors in our home state who have no handgun experience except the CCDW course and the CCDW Instructor course. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying. It's not my intention to disparage the concealed carry courses,




     Susie and I are Second Amendment absolutists and as such do not feel law abiding citizens should be subject to any conditions, restrictions, or prerequisites when it comes to our second amendment rights. Having said all that many people who go armed on a regular basis simply do not have the ability and knowledge to fight for their lives with a handgun or any gun for that matter.

This is why we train.



     Quality training exposes us to a plethora of real-world scenarios that helps us acquire the knowledge and ability to respond to life threatening situations in a competent and effective manner. Training teaches us the tactics that we need to prevail in armed encounters, gives us the formation we need to make smart weapon choices and helps us choose gear that is right for us. Proper training eliminates training scars innocently acquired as a result of no training or improper training.




     Having trouble with accuracy? Find a competent firearms trainer who can help you identify your problems and put you on the road to success. If you are a Novice with weapons, even a single day of training can make a phenomenal difference in your skill sets.




     We live in dangerous times, and we sail unchartered waters, In the past few years we have witnessed a massive disregard for the rule of law and common decency. In urban areas criminal gangs, radical political zealots, anti-social thugs roam our streets Now more than ever the average citizen, be it male or female, must think in terms of self-reliance. Even in rural areas drug use is rampant ad social norms erode by the day. This is why we train.




     Admittedly training requires an investment in time, treasure ad effort. But it would be hard to make a better investment. When making a decision on whether to train or not to train ask yourself this question: What is my life worth????          


                                                                                   REPARE. PREVAIL

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