It's Time to defend our Freedom

 The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the  blood of Patriots and Tyrants. 


 On this, the 224th. Anniversary of the founding of our great nation we find ourselves in a time of uncertainty.


 Both major political parties have failed us. The modern Democrat party seems to be determined to revise our history, terrorize our citizens and shove socialism down our throats.  

The Republican Party claims to have our back but consistently projects a lack of courage or conviction.

 As lawless anarchists roamed the streets of our major cities recently looting, rioting, vandalizing and preying on defenseless citizens Democrats seemed gleeful while Republicans remained largely silent.

The same people who told us Covid-19 made it too dangerous to go to church, voiced support for the rioters who ravaged our cities, burned down businesses and destroyed the dreams of hard working Americans.

  Time for a few facts:

By their own admission the co-founders of BLM are "trained Marxists".

Most of our major media outlets are nothing more than mass distributors of Democratic talking points.


The Democrat candidate for President is a confused old leftist who has essentially decided not to campaign.

President Trump has made a great effort to truly put America first and make America great again.


Gun sales are at record levels but the Democrats are still hell bent on draconian gun control.


Biden's future gun czar, Beto O'Rourke and Biden himself are on record promising to come after our AR15s.


There are a plethora of examples of people being assaulted by so called "peaceful demonstrators" trying in vain to get help from law-enforcement agencies who had been ordered to stand down.

 Let's accept the fact that we are our own security. ARM UP . TRAIN. PREPARE. PREVAIL 

And if there may be trouble let it be in my day that my children may have peace.